APA Conference 2017

This year Leigh McCutcheon was invited to present as a key note speaker for the APA Acupuncture and Dry Needing Conference along with Jay Shah from Washington and Jorgen Forsberg from Australia. Leigh presented a pre conference workshop on Whiplash which covered a literature review outlining the multimodal treatment approach for Whiplash Associated Disorder and included the role of acupuncture and dry needling. Objective assessments for musculoskeletal, sensorimotor control, cervico-occular control and postural stability and a practical overview of treatment techniques in relation to needling therapies were considered as well as Third Party/ Workcover and legal considerations.

Within the Acupuncture and Dry Needling program of the APA conference Leigh also presented a literature review of acupuncture and dry needling treatment as a treatment modality for shoulder conditions. A practical demonstration addressed some the complexities associated with needling in the shoulder region. Safety and precautions relevant to needling in the shoulder and the associated thoracic region were addressed and current medical misadventure literature was reviewed.

Toward the close of the program Leigh McCutcheon, Jane Rooney, Jorgan Forsberg and Philip Gabel presented as an expert panel. Leigh’s presentation ‘Minimising risk whilst maximising potential’ covered ‘take home messages’ from the decade she spent on the APA Risk Management Committee. Leigh is presently part of the committee reviewing the Australian Society of Acupuncture Physiotherapist’s Safety Guidelines which will be available in 2018.